UI evolution!

One Framework to build a highly declarative and customizable UI without using templates.

What can you do with metaUI?

Generate consistent UI with less code

metaUI can reduce code duplication by generating your UI at runtime. This leads to an overall reduction in maintenance cost and a lower occurrence of UI based bugs. Use of metaUI can streamline your development workflow and focus on what’s really important, delivering great experiences and business value to your users.

Powerful customisation framework

metaUI is heavily inspired by CCS due to it being highly flexible and composable. Developer has ability to rewrite any rule, that results in powerful customization and allows generating wide variety of UI shapes and forms.

How it works

Start building a better web

DRY Principle

Don't repeat yourself principle. Reducing repetition of software patterns, replacing it with abstractions or using data normalization to avoid redundancy.

Customizatation capability

Let you extend and fully customize existing applications to apply to different business use cases.

UI library agnostic

metaUI Rule engine is independent of its UI layer to give you the ability to plug-in your own library. It was built to allow to use 3rd party "component" without wrapping

Visibility, Editability, Validaty

It can leverage javascript to build advanced expressions in order to define different types of conditions that can drive your UI

Create, Edit, View mode

For all of these metaUI gives you a way to derive specific UI for each of them.

Uses Object Introspection

metaUI can use object introspection to register some implicit rules (such as type, field name, class name, current values)

Get started

Whether you build applications for your customers or for internal use you need a powerful customization framework that allows you to execute new ideas faster and in a more reliable way.